THE OUTBACK 濾水樽 28oz / 830ml


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Epic Water 濾水樽

28 安士 / 830 毫升

The Outback Water Filter Bottle by Epic Water Filters is made of 100% food grade stainless steel which is easy to use, and environmentally sound. Say goodbye to bottled water. In fact, with each recyclable Urban filter you use, say goodbye to over 550 plastic water bottles from ending up in landfills and oceans. This bottle has turned into an everyday favorite with our sleek, patented bottle design and independently tested USA made filters. And with our versatile interchangeable filter system, you can upgrade your Outback bottle to our Outdoor Adventure filter and drink from any water source (Outdoor Adventure Filter sold separately). Whether using your Outback at home, at work, on a bike ride, hike, or baseball game...Epic Water Filters provides you with clean water anywhere, anytime!

At the Gym

Stay hydrated during your workouts with great tasting water compared to the tap. With a lightweight design and versatility, The Outback is the perfect bottle for the yoga studio, gym or pool. Never buy bottled water again.

American Made

Our proprietary American made & American tested high quality carbon fiber filters produce 75 gallons of clean, healthy water, lasting 3 times longer than standard water bottle filters and is more cost effective than bottled water. The Outback by Epic Water Filters is the smart choice for portable water filtration.

Everyday Use

Municipal water quality is not always optimal and may be contaminated with chemicals, lead, chlorine, microplastics & more. The Outback allows you to drink safely from water fountains at parks, airports, or at school. It's also great for on-the-go commutes. Want to go camping or travel overseas? Our interchangeable filter system has you covered no matter where you find yourself. (Outdoor Adventure Filter sold separately)

Reusable by Design

Everyday, we throw away millions & millions of single-use plastic bottles, very few of which are ever recycled. Each Urban filter, which is included in your Outback water bottle, replaces 550 single use plastic water bottles. At Epic Water Filters, we believe in building products that never become obsolete; our Outback water bottles with filters are a perfect example. When you invest in our Outback bottle, you get a modular system designed to grow with your family and perform for years to come. Whether you are trying to remove tap water contaminants or taking your Outback bottle on your next adventure overseas, the interchangeable filter system has you covered. (Outdoor Adventure Filter sold separately)


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